What does the shaman's map in "mononoke hime" represent? let's figure out!
take a look at the shaman's map. using this map, she is trying to understand the sistem of relations that have caused the trouble to ashitaka.
In this example the iron ball is such an element: it has caused the conflict and therefore created relations amongst all the characters. Тhese new relations change the characters.

Looking at the relations consider not only who are related but how these relations change them.
or another example. The film "Mononoke Hime" generated an ecosystem of media products like cosplay, fan fiction, theme parks, academic studies, etc.
here is another system of relations — what we call
"media ecology"

you can see the connection of all the media products that are made out of "mononoke hime". So the film is the center of this ecosystem, and all of these products are required and obliged to the original film in order to exist.
the shaman from "mononoke hime" is trying to realise, what are the obligations that ashitaka has, having incurred this сurse. what are the requirenmens to fix it?
It leads to questioning the system of relations created by our existence:
How does it harms others?
How can we decrease the damage?

Now i want you to stop and think about all of the different relations that you require for your survival?
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Strathern, Marilyn, prickly pear press, 1995