Week 2. Technology and Technics
so, have you found your own personal shangri-la? hahaha, i haven't either
MAP OF shangri-la
The plot shows the world In ruins after ecological destruction, and it doesn't make any sense! there is something real about that for me. so, let's take a look at this film

• undergone climate changes, partly flooded, gradually taken over by jungles
• people try to survive
• carbon markets as the main political and economic tool

• home of Kuniko — a criminal with good intentions
• protected by the Sea Wall
• under the influence of «Metal Age», a group that struggles against the unfair carbon policy

• above the dying planet
• a technological project that gave people a new home
• used to remediate climate change
• ruled by cruel Ryoko

Karin's Birdcage
• Karin – a genius hacker that breaks carbon marketplaces
• vulnerable and afraid of leaving the house
• uses an emotional artificial intelligence

• all characters can meet there
• a free zone of entertainment and possibilities

if you want to know more about shangri-la's world, technologies and world making, let's go through this chapter together!