Week 4. Robots and Androids
Today the professor visits Alpha's new cafE and meets a robot called XJ7Z. let's take a look
Hi, there you are again! Listen, I'm going to meet Alpha and my robo-friend XJ7Z in Alpha's new cafe. Let's see how everybody is doing!
Yeah, I was lucky to find this spot. but I miss my old cafe.
Hi, Alpha! I love what you've done with the new cafe, it's so comfortable!
Today the professor visits Alpha's new cafe
and meets a robot called XJ7Z. Here's their conversation.
Was it washed away completely?
Not quite yet, there's still one wall in the sand. I go there sometimes to watch the sunset.
Is the town flooded, have you been there?
Yes. I like how the lights light up after dark. It reminds me of the ghost of the XXI century.
We were all worried about economy, development, jobs...
«ut it doesn't matter, it's all washed away. We were worried that robots were going to come and make us obsolete. Do you even have a job now?
I run the cafe, but some-times it seems to me that I drink myself 80% of the coffee.
Exactly! I don't have a job either.
I grow some food and some coffee. The rest of the time I take care of who-ever I can take care of. Robot or human — it doesn't matter.
XJ7Z, hi!
Hello, XJ7Z! How's it going, man?
Would you like some coffee?
Yes, please. I do not drink coffee, but I like the smell.
We were talking about the old days: jobs, humans versus robots.
It doesn't matter. We are all just people now, get-ting by the best we can.
That's true.
When was the last time you went searching through the ruins for a liter of heavy grease?
But sometimes we have different requirements.
XJ, have you been to the Nanotown yet?
Yes, I've been going there almost every sunset. I'm writing a poem about lost soggy bots. Maybe a song.
I've been reading this article called "Cassandra" by James Hansen, a climate change scientist.
It was written in 2016.
It describes the multi-meter sea level rise that occurred in that century.
Human logic is beyond my simple circuits.
I don't understand.
It was written two years before they built Nana-town's robotic district. What were they thinking?
I love my cafe because I met so many different people!
I want to understand what they feel and how they think.
If you knew you were already living in the ruins, what would you change in your life? Who and what do you need
to care for? Who and what cares for you?
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 16, no. 6 (2016): 3761-3812
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