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Week 5. Cyborgs and Cybernetics
Today we'll talk about cyborgs
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Here are some technologies that have affected the visual and conceptual idea of cyborgs:
Medical prosthetics
They are used as a replacement for damaged parts of the human body. They maintain the operation of our bodies:
- arms
- hands
- legs
- hearing aids
- pacemakers
Robotic arms and servos
used in operating spaceships or in a hostile environment
Extended cybernetic senses
- hearing
- sight
They extend human body capacities. These ideas are based on the deconstruction of traditional anatomical concepts of our bodies' operation:
EEG controllers use electromagnetic signals of the brain to directly control various devices
Epidermal electronic systems
Birth technologies
- birth control implants
- artificial insemination
- artificial wombs

We're living in a time of emerging cyborg technologies and bodies
We're living in a time of emerging cyborg technologies and bodies
In the next modul we're going to talk about the roots of cybernetics, its development in the 20th century and the consequences of its further theorization
Bolton, Christopher A. "From wooden cyborgs to celluloid souls: Mechanical bodies in anime and Japanese puppet theater." positions: east asia cultures critique 10, no. 3 (2002): 729-771