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Week 5. Cyborgs and Cybernetics
haha! I am back. In the last lecture we were talking about cybernetics and today we will continue with this topic. let's begin!
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в ролике доступны русские субтитры
There are two methods of tracing cybernetic relations in society and technologies:
everything and everyone is both an actor and a network
every subject is both its material form and interpretation, information

If we expand it beyond the individual organism to the entire species, we'll see the organism as a system shaping the environment using a set of relations and manipulations. this is a night photo of the city. i like is because the river shows us the physical environment, the city is growing IN, and the light SHOWS US THE HUmAn EDITIONS
cybernetics is showing us an organism as an entire system. this is where ecology and cybernetics meet: when you have an organism as a system shaping the environment. so you could say that is is made up as a set of relations and manipulations. so we could say that Ecology is relations, and cybernetics is manipulations

Body, mind, ecological awareness, environment, media, and social institutions — all these elements shape us and are shaped by us.
From the anime we learn that due to being cyborgs we are vulnerable to hacking. Someone says the right thing at the right time or shows the right evidence, sends the right command, and we would do something that's not in our control. It's an automatic reaction. so every time i ask myself: "Am I a cyborg? Is it OK?"
ghosts and cybernetics
importantly The question of the ghost in the cyber brain remains open in the film. and this is what the story is hanged on: robots are not alive enought so they had to steal the ghosts from the children. that suggests us that In the core of the film there is the idea that there's something more than cybernetic control and automatic responses

now i want you to ask yourself a question: What is this ghost? What is your ghost?
now i want you to ask yourself a question: What is this ghost? What is your ghost?
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