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Week 2. Technology and Technics
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в ролике доступны русские субтитры

Lil Mr Duskin shows us what doom looks like
The world of Shangri-la is ravaged by technologies of war; the nature has become hostile to humans. However, there's a hope for salvation from this industrial hell – Atlas, a technological utopian dream rising up above flooded Earth
This concept reminds of Christian eschatology, a part of theology concerned with death, judgment and the final destiny of the world and of the human kind
cupola frescoes
from florence cathedral, by Giorgio Vasari, Federico Zuccari
Technology can be called an evil force creating hell on Earth, or it can be called a salvation of mankind. On the one hand, we are soaking in chemicals, pollution, acid rains and the violence of war machines
a ceiling fresco by Paul Troger, 1735
The Harmony between Religion and Science
On the other hand, technology has set us free from barbarism, helped us cast off the chains of being victims of nature and become higher beings with higher possibilities with spaceships and plans to colonize Mars. We're damned by technology and we'll be saved by technology.
beautiful suburbs
is ruled by evil sadistic Ryoko
gives hope for freedom-loving humans
is ruled by ethically damned terrorists
Kuniko Hojo
curious, open-minded, wants the best for everyone
criminal, terrorist
"Shangri-la" casts the world that is more complex that just technology making a living hell or technology making the world perfect. With anime, we understand that technology is complex.
It is complex in our world as well. We need to navigate its uses and consequences as responsibly as we can, and also solve the problems we create in the process.