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week 5: review
Are you ready? am i ready? This is our final individual week review. let's see what happened this week
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в ролике доступны русские субтитры

This week we've focused on the connection between ecology and cybernetics. In some ways it brings together all five weeks. and the anime of this week was the greatest "ghost in the shell II: innocence"
We've discussed:
networks and meshworks
confluence of ecology, environment and nature as a system of relations with cybernetics
society and technologies as systems of relations
connections and influences
Ghost in the Shell: Innocence
Cyborgs and cybernetics are technological figures. Persons are technology. Cybernetics shows us topology, design and artifices of cybernetic relations. We've studied containment and boundaries, communications and connections, as well as the concept of technicity.

so the big quEstion is: How can technologies have their own spirit or ghost than is pulling the development of human technological relationship?
so the big quEstion is: How can technologies have their own spirit or ghost than is pulling the development of human technological relationship?We're living in a time of emerging cyborg technologies and bodies
If we take cybernetics and look back to microbes, we could think of the microbial modelling of cybernetics, microbial feedback loops in the intestines. Involutionary momentum or symbiogenesis could be understood using cybernetics as a theoretical analysis. The whole planet might be viewed as a geological atmospheric microbial network. Cybernetics is a set of powerful tools for analyzing systems and life.
Ghost in the Shell: Innocence
This idea might be applied to terraforming and figuring bodies and minds, as well as the physical world and ecological awareness. this is where cyborg, the subject, meets ecological thinking. The person becomes disperse: It's not just an isolated body, mind and soul. Each of these aspects is an extended ecological network.

Cybernetics is a communication theory based on the ideas of command and control. You give a command, something happens, something changes. And then there's also feedback. and there is always circuits. As we've seen in "Mononoke Hime" chapter, these systems of relations are very fragile. One wrong step, removing one relation could destroy the entire system.
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